Easiest way to do your Laundry and Dry Cleaning in New York.

And actually have it back.
We do it ourselves!
liox laundry girl

Liox has cleaned over

dry cleaning suits

dry cleaning pieces


pounds of laundry

laundry bag

Liox actually lost

dry clean suit

dry cleaning pieces

1 pair of jeans was reported missing since 2011

laundry bag

bags of laundry

pieces reported missing after the wash include: 4 pants, 3 bras, 6 shirts, 1 set of sheets, 2 towels, since 2011

1.First enter some information into your securely saved account.

Pay per load, not per pound. Always know your total before check out.

2.Customize your wash by time, detergent, instructions and check out.

Did you know that you can ask us to hang dry upto 4 pcs of clothing per order for free?

3.Leave your laundry with the doorman or let us pickup from your walkup or doorman building.

You can track the status of your wash in your account transaction history.

4.We will pick up and deliver your laundry on the scheduled date and time window.

You can set specific timing windows in hours and minutes, that are convenient for you.

5.Rest assured your clothing will be separated by color, handled carefully and folded.

Liox bag's size is 22 x 28 inches, and it can fit up to 20 lb.

How Liox Works

pickup and delivery laundry and dry cleaning

Liox Cleaners App

On The Go

You can schedule an order for the closest pickup window and have your laundry delivered within 24 hours.


We like keeping our app design very simple. Customize your wash or dry cleaning order, set your preferences and keep track of your recent orders.


Liox app works great with Android or IOS on old smartphones as well as new ones and takes very little memory space. No need for an upgrade!

laundry mobile app phone
liox android app liox iphone app

Why is Liox Awesome?

#1 We Don`t Outsource Most New York laundry on demand services and cleaning startups outsource their wash and dry cleaning. We are different! We actually wash your stuff ourselves.
#2 We are Cheaper Liox hasn`t changed prices since 2011, when we launched our service. We are cheaper than most New York dry cleaning and laundry services on demand out there. We made a comparison HERE.
#3 Call us or Walk in Emails are cool, but at Liox you can actually call or even walk into any of Liox New York locations. Drop off or pickup your laundry or dry cleaning yourself.
#9 Quality is F.F.First! First of all we are cleaning professionals, then we are tech. Yes technology is a big part of Liox, but quality of wash and dry cleaning is bigger.

Liox Pricing

Demo Wash
liox laundry bag

1 Liox bag = 1 Load
upto 20 lbs

liox laundry bag liox laundry bag

2 bags = 2 Load
upto 40 lbs

liox laundry bag liox laundry bag liox laundry bag

3 bags = 3 Loads
upto 60 lbs

liox hang dry

hang dry per piece
first 4 pieces are free

Dry Cleaning

Demo Dry Cleaning
liox dry cleaning suit

2 pc suit

liox wash and press shirt

launder shirt

dry clean dress


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Dry Cleaning in NY

If you want to find a trusted New York dry cleaning company then Liox Cleaners is a good choice for you. We have a fantastic reputation with hardly any items lost since 2011, so you can trust us to look after your garment. We will also be happy to work with your instructions for any extra special items you have included with your laundry to make sure that we take special care of it.

Our New York laundry service is really simple. You just have to set up an account online, choose which service to order, Wash & Fold or Dry Cleaning, pick detergents and softeners of your choice and leave extra details or instructions about your order. Then you can just leave your laundry with the doorman and track its status online, we will deliver it to your doorman or to your door if you live in the walk up building.

We offer dry cleaning service as well as normal laundry services. Price depends on the item and it's fabric, you can see a full list of prices for various dry cleaning pieces on our website. It is all very easy to understand so that you will know exactly how much you pay for our services when you check out. Wash and Fold includes drying on medium or delicate settings and wash & press includes hand ironing or pressing. You can pay per bag of laundry, our load size or per item if it is being dry cleaned.

We prefer giving a personal aproach when providing you with cleaning services. This means that you can reach us by email if it works for you, but it is also possible for you to walk in or call us by the phone. You can drop off and pick up your laundry or we can do that for you. We understand that although a lot of people prefer to use technology to make their lifes easier, there are those who prefer to communicate in person and we are more than happy to help you with that.

Laundry service and pick up in NY

Our New York pickup and delivery service is designed to make it extremely convenient for you. You will therefore be able to get your laundry done with complete ease. Whether it is a normal laundry service or dry cleaning, we will be able to assist you. We are happy to arrange laundry pickup and delivery on your schedule.

With Liox laundry on demand you simply make an order with one click on your smartphone, we will be there for you. Liox dry cleaning on demand service is also available for those who needs an extra care for those brand name garment pieces or things you can put into a wash. You can set up the collection and delivery to specific times so you know exactly when your laundry or dry cleaning is coming back, no need to worry.

Imagine how much easier your life will be with Liox, so you can have more time for things that are important for you and we take care of those unpleasant laundry days.
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