Corporate Program

  • Why do i need to be part of the corporate program?
  • There are many good parts of being our parter.

    First, you get to support the green movement and plus if your company is also eco friendly or does some steps in the green way, we always love to cooperate with those and together we can make things better.

    Second, you receive our exclusive $5 discount on every wash bringing the cost down to 75 cents per pound.

    Third, you receive an additional 10% off on our dry cleaning service as long as there are at least 5 people using our service under your corporation or group of friends.
  • How can participate in corporate program?
  • Just email us with the name of your company, address and name of the general manager or person who we can contact with all important information regarding corporate program. Or if you feel that you can do it all yourself or there are 5 and more coworkers/friends really like our service and want to get $5 discount as well, let us know about it and will do it for you.
  • What are the requirements and how does it work?
  • We set your company's email into our system, so when a new person registers, he/she has to put that email into "referral email" textbox. You can either tell us any particular email you want to use as a referral email, or we will simply create one for you.

    You and other coworkers automatically get unlimited $5 and 10% discounting on every "wash and fold" and "dry cleaning" order. After the first month we check how many people have actually used our service, if that number is less then 5, we take that discount away until there are 5 people using our services again.