1. Make sure instructions you give us are accurate. Please leave note about items that may shrink.

2. Make sure there is nothing sharp or toxic in the laundry bag.

3. Zip up all zippers and empty all pockets before putting your clothes in laundry bag.

4. All your account information is stored in our secure database. Security is our main priority when it comes to personal information. Make sure you log out from your account once you done with your order.

5. If your bag is less than 20 lb, you will still be charged minimum of $25.

6. If you reschedule or cancel drop-off/pick-up within less than 1 hr of actual delivery window, or if you aren't home for delivery and did not notify us in time there will $5 additional delivery charge.


Q. How much clothes can i put into Liox bag?

A. As much as it can fit. But there is always a physical limit and we are not responsible for any loss due to broken bag. The bag should hold up to 20 lb.

Q. Can i use regular laundry bags for Liox services?

A. Totally, you will also get one free Liox bag after first order. However we encourage customers to only use bags with the shoulder strap, we care about our drivers and want them to get your bag safely through those tough stairs.

Q. I lost my laundry bag or need more Liox bags, how can i order them?

A. Simply purchase one with your order on the "Wash" order page. But if you need more than one, contact us here. We charge $4 per bag. A confirmation of your order will be sent to your email and your brand new Liox bags will be delivered asap.


Q. Do you offer same day delivery?

A. Yes, in most area you are eligible for same day delivery.

Q. What are the latest and earliest you can pickup/deliver?

A. Currently we do 5 am - 12 pm morning and 6 pm - 10 pm evening shifts for pickup and delivery hours. You may choose any 2 hour window within those times. Example 5:30 - 7:30 am.

Q. What is the delivery area?

A. We deliver anywhere below 125th street Manhattan.

Q. What if I'm not able to be home during scheduled pick up and drop off windows?

A. If you have a change in your schedule, contact us immediately with new pickup/drop off times.

Q. Will I get a refund if i cancel an appointment or not home during pick up window?

A. Yes. You will get a full refund if you cancel appointment within an hour of a pickup time. For those who fail to notify us in time, we will keep a $5 reservation fee.

Q. What if i want my laundry delivered to my work?

A. No problem, call us or email with your instructions on where it should be delivered instead.


Q. What temperatures you use for washing and drying?

A. We handle your clothes as our own, first we determine their material and colors and set such temperature for washing, that it doesn't fade during washing cycle. If there are heavy items like towels or sheets, we set drying on hot. If there are only light clothes like shirts, dresses etc. we set drying on medium.

Q. Can i ask to dry half of my clothes on low and half on hot?

A. Only if you order is over 20 lbs. We can't dedicate 2 and more dryers for a single load orders. You may want us to hang dry some of your clothing.

Q. Can you hang dry my delicates?

A. Yes, hang dry items must be separated by a plastic bag within Liox bag, so that we know which items should be hang dried. It is subject to additional charge of $0.50 per piece. So if you order includes 15 pieces for hang dry, you will be charged additional $7.5

Q. If I order 2 or more loads, and want different loads be washed by different detergent/bleach?

A. You can do that by marking your laundry bag #1, #2 etc... Then leave details for each bag in the instruction box when making an order. If we have questions, concerns and/or unclear about your instructions, we will call you to verify before washing your clothing.

Q. I want my clothes to be washed with my own detergent, how do i do that?

A. You should put your detergent (not bleach) into our laundry bag, make sure you seal it tight, and leave additional instructions when making an order. Even when providing your own detergent, you will pay the same amount of money.

Q. Can I request a particular detergent?

A. we are always open for suggestions to have a better service for our customers. Feel free to email us your request and we will try our best to accommodate you in the future based on your needs.

Q. Can you hand wash my clothing?

A. When it comes to wash of delicate fabrics we always recommend dry cleaning, we do not offer hand washing at this time.


Q. I lost one piece of clothing, i think it wasn't returned to me with a bag.

A. Unfortunately, we can not insure each particle of clothing will not get lost. We try to keep the best service possible and will do our best to accommodate you within reason. If you have a missing item, please contact us about your item with description either by phone or email and will try our best to track it. Also, we can not refund you on lost items. In the future, if you have an items in specific that are important, please notify us ahead of time in the instruction box for us to give special attention to.

Q. I made a mistake with my order, but its already submitted, what can I do?

A. Contact us through the phone or email and explain your problem, we'll make any adjustments on your instructions.


Q. Do you have wash & press service?

A. Yes we do, its $3 per shirt to be washed and pressed.

Q. Do you work with businesses or commercial clients?

A. Absolutely, Commercial pricing is different than residential. Email us to get the quote.


Q. I have a voucher for $50, how can i use it.

A. Simply type your voucher's code into "Special Code/Email" box at the registration and click the arrow button next to it to check if it is correct.

Q. I registered the account with the special voucher for $50, what can i do with it?

A. Just go and order a wash or dry-cleaning service. As for special deal restrictions on "Wash and Fold", you can only order one load per order for voucher's value, additional loads won't use your voucher's value. But there are no restrictions on dry-cleaning service, so you can go and use the whole value in the single order.

Q. Why there are restrictions on me purchasing more than one load with my voucher's value.

A. Because any additional load comes with $5 discount and you can't have two offers at the same time. If you really want to have the second load paid with voucher, just simply go and make another order (make sure you have enough Liox bags). But it's extremely reasonable to get those $5 off by purchasing additional load without using your voucher's value since it brings cost down to 75 cents/pound (based on bag's maximum capacity).